The Ten Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

Getting a great haircut is essential to improving your appearance. Here are some of the best cuts for people with curly hair. A good hair cut can make the most of curly hair texture and give you one of the most popular styles today. If you want to try one of these haircuts, call or visit us at Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida. We have everything you need to make you love your curly hair. [Read Full Article…]

Top Tips for a Beautiful Hair Highlight

Nothing ruins a perfect look like bad highlights. On a positive note, you can avoid this problem by finding a good stylist. When you find a stylist that you trust, consider these 5 tips for your next visit to the salon:

1. Enhance Your Natural Hair Color

Brunettes and darker hair color look best when lighter strands of hair are added to the highlights. Ask your stylist to add a touch of lighter color to your hair before it is washed. This technique will bring out your natural hair color as well as give it some volume.

2. Avoid Highlights in Shorter Areas

You can get highlights if you have short hair, but it must be done correctly. Let your hairstylist know that you only want highlights in the longer parts of your hair. If your hair is long toward the front, that is the area to add color. Adding highlights to the shorter parts of your hair can make it look like it has stripes.

3. Don’t Overdo It

Overdoing your hair highlights is a bad idea and it’s completely unnecessary. In fact, all you have to do to maintain your highlights is get a quick touch up every four to eight weeks.

4. Ask for Alternatives

If you are thinking about getting highlights but you are not quite ready, ask your stylist for alternatives. A color rinse, for example, can be done in a few minutes and costs way less than getting highlights for your hair.

5. Try Extensions

Extensions are another option for those who want a non-permanent alternative to highlights. The good thing about extensions is that you can accessorize with them. One day you might be in the mood for loud, bright colors and the next day you may want to go for a more natural look.

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How To Prevent Split Ends

How do you prevent those damaging split ends? The first step is to always use shampoo on your hair with moisturizing conditioner. Second, don’t brush or comb everyday as these will cause troubles to your beautiful hair. Now if your ends are already dry and brittle, trim them, don’t be scared to cut your split ends. Now if you don’t take away those split ends it will begin to travel up the hair shaft and continue to damage your hair. Keep in mind that you can always visit your local hair salon and ask for more advices.

Choosing Hair Color Made Easy At Hair Salon Dunedin

Looking for the best hair salon in Dunedin? Finding a good beauty salon is not a difficult task these days. There are many ways in which people can find the salons and enjoy their services. There are numerous salons that offer different kinds of services. However, most of the customers visit them for a hair cut or changing the hair color etc. Apart from that there are many other kinds of services like make up, skin care, hair care, bridal make up and many more. Most of the women however, visit the salons for changing their hair style or color. So, what are the things to be considered while selecting the best color? Read further to know more.

Total Image Hair Designs, a hair salon in Dunedin considers various factors before choosing the appropriate color. The most important thing is to decide what kind of result is required. Some may want it to cover the gray, completely change the style, highlight the natural color etc. By knowing what is needed the person can easily narrow down on the type of color or cut required. Before coloring, the person should also decide the type of color to be used. There are temporary shades that stay only for a few days and get washed off when shampoo is used. There are some semi permeable products also that last for a few months. For long-lasting effect, use the permanent color. But it may require frequent root touch ups.

The best way to match the shade is by finding the skin tone. It is the best way to get the best shade suitable for a person. A good hair salon helps the customers to find the right color according to their skin tones. There are different types of complexions. All of these fall into either of the two main categories warm or cool. People having golden or yellow skin tone are considered to have a warm skin tone. Shades with warm overtone are perfect for people with this skin tone. They look more natural and match well with any kind of makeup and style. Similarly, those who have blue or pink undertones have cool skin tone. Colors with cool overtones look good on these people.

How to know the skin tone? Hair salons in Dunedin help the customers to understand their skin tone in a simple and easy manner. They are asked to look at the veins in the arms with the help of natural light. When the color appears green, the tone is warm and if it appears blue then it is cool. After establishing the skin tone it is easy for anyone to pick the right color. There may be slight changes for certain people. However, the beauty salon will always suggest the best choice by considering various factors.

All the staffs at Total Image Hair Designs are well-trained and licensed professionals. They are very friendly and offer their services according to the needs of the customers. The best thing is that they guide the customers to choose the right products and services according to their specific requirements. By visiting the salon anybody can get transformed completely into a new person either by changing the hair color or getting a new hair cut. So, use their services and look more beautiful.


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Tips On Finding The Right Hair Salon For You

Tips On Finding The Right Hair Salon For You

Hair salons in Dunedin are a great place not only to get a haircut and a new look, but also to unwind and relax. There is a therapeutic feel to being attended at a salon. However, this is true only if the right salon has been located. Because haircuts play a big role for people’s reputation, it is crucial to find the hair salon with hairstylists that understand the needs of the clients’ hair.

A good beauty salon will have the latest technology, fresh products, latest expert techniques and expert service. To choose from among thousands of hair salons is impractical as it would take years of experimenting until the ideal hair stylists is located. Here are some tips in locating a good hair salon in Dunedin.

One good way to finding a professional stylist would be to get referrals from friends and family who have trendy haircuts. Get their feedback on the salons they frequent. It is also okay to approach strangers whose hairstyles catch your eyes. Once they are appreciated, they will be ready to share more information regarding beauty salons they visit. However, clients need to know that the hairstylist that has done an exceptional job on someone else might not be able to do the same for you depending on hair texture, hair length and the face-cut.

When a client visits a hair salon in Dunedin, they should look around; study the products and their dates of manufacture. A good salon will have brand new products; none of that past expiration dates. This also indicates that this hair salon gets frequent customers and is able to purchase fresh products on a regular basis. Such salons take their business seriously, doing their best to please their customers. They should also offer other services such as decorating nails, bridal makeup, facial hair removal etc.

Along with fresh products, clients must also observe the equipment at a beauty salon. There is nothing more unprofessional than an untidy and unclean beauty salon. A good hairstylist would ask as many questions as possible in order to get the perfect picture of the haircut you are looking for. They have excellent communication skills, while the low-quality salons will communicate less. They may not be able to give you good beauty counseling.

Prior to fix an appointment, asking them questions regarding hairstyle tips, maintenance etc is important. Clients should also allow them to ask questions. This gives a better idea of how enthusiastic the hairstylist is about pleasing the client. People should avoid appointments without prior consultations.

Hair salons in Dunedin offers a wide variety of services other than hairstyles. It takes some trial and error on the customers’ part to find the hair salon that gives them a gorgeous look. However, following the right technique in finding the right salon will reduce the experiment time of locating the perfect hairstylist. Thankfully, hair tends to grow back; in case the first style turns out to be a mistake, everyone gets a second chance to get a great hair cut.

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Break Up With Your Blow Dryer And Gain A Healthy Head Of Hair

Everybody in the world wants to feel beautiful. There are plenty of methods to accomplish this but none so well drawn as hair salon visits. These wonderful establishments are there for men and women alike who want to look great or just change the way they look in general. To do this there are several services that they offer. Those include nail care, hair, waxing, and make–up. Whichever service is desired there is an available technician ready to make you into a new person.

When it comes to hair styling at a beauty salon many folks will get some experience with one person and when they are thrilled with the outcome will continue to come back. Creating a new style is easy. It begins with a hair cut and then everything else stems from there. The way a persons scalp presents each strand of hair makes the difference in a part or a non–part. The stylist at the hair salon was trained how to recognize the hair follicles and work their cut into the basic canvas they are given. When the hair cut is done it will fall exactly as it was meant to.

After this color treating is often desired. While many women want to either color their grey or change to a lighter and thus more youthful looking shade there are other options. Every one of them will be discussed before the session begins. After that it only takes trust in their abilities and in the long run the customer gets exactly what they need.

Perms are another one of the services that are offered and can make a great deal of difference with most people who come to see these talented individuals. Changing the way the hair hangs is a great way to become a new face both at work and at home. In some radically changed instances the children may not recognize their own mother for a minute. In all cases it is enough to bring a big smile to her face and that of her spouse as well. It is always nice to come home to an exceptionally beautiful woman and realize it is their wife.

Having ones nails done is another service offered in hair salons. This gives a woman the one stop shopping experience she desires when it comes to pampering herself. Acrylic nails, wraps, gels and silks are all offered here and performed by a licensed nail technician who will gently trim existing nails, apply the nail selection of choice and then a color. In addition to the several single colors to choose from nail art is also an option. Air brush designs are lovely and add details that can only be achieved with special tools.

Total Image Hair Design offers a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere where a person can put their feet up, enjoy some stimulating conversation and walk away with a whole new look all at the same time. This hair salon gives superb customer service as well as information on how to take care of ones hair and how to keep it from becoming lifeless. A beauty salon is a great place to reinvent oneself so come in today and offer yourself up as a guinea pig to the talents of their awesome staff and find the beauty queen inside.


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