How To Prevent Split Ends

How do you prevent those damaging split ends? The first step is to always use shampoo on your hair with moisturizing conditioner. Second, don’t brush or comb everyday as these will cause troubles to your beautiful hair. Now if your ends are already dry and brittle, trim them, don’t be scared to cut your split ends. Now if you don’t take away those split ends it will begin to travel up the hair shaft and continue to damage your hair. Keep in mind that you can always visit your local hair salon and ask for more advices.

Hair Shampoo Tips

Shampooing will keep your hair in good condition. Here are eight things to remember when using hair shampoo.

1. Use a simple cleansing shampoo.
2. The selection of the shampoo should depend upon the hair type.
3. For oily hair use some mild shampoo.
4. Thoroughly rinse your hair. The squeak test is a good measure.
5. It is better to rinse thoroughly with luke warm water.
6. Don’t shampoo every day, even if you use a gentle shampoo. Daily shampooing takes too much oil and water from the shaft.
7. Switch shampoos once a month to avoid hair buildup.
8. Thoroughly dry your hair.

Remember the best possible way to take care of your hair is by visiting your local hair salon. For tips on finding a great stylist Click Here.

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Choosing the Right Hair Color

Whether coloring your hair professionally or at home. Choose the right hair color to compliment your skin tone. Be it all over color, highlights, or lowlights, the right shade will make your look come to life. You will need: Hair stylist or packaged hair coloring, a shade selector, a color wheel, a mirror and selected items from your wardrobe.

Step 1:
Decide whether your going to use a professional salon or an at home coloring kit. Base your decision on whether your covering gray, highlighting a natural hair color or using hair color to completely change your image. Plan your commitment to hair coloring. Temporary hair colors wash out quickly. Semi-permanent products typically lasts for a couple of months and permanent dyes will need to be grown out or require frequent root touch ups.

Step 2:
Get out your color shade selector and color wheel. Use a mirror to decide if you have a cool or warm complexion based on your skin tone, eye color and natural hair color. Remember the results on the box or swatch are only an approximation of the color.
Cool complexions typically have deep brown or ash-colored hair, with dark brown or dark blue eye color and a medium to all of complexion. Warm Complexions feature golden brown, green blue to hazel eye color with golden brown to strawberry blonde hair color and a fair to peachy complexion.

Step 3:
Examine your wardrobe to get a feel of what hair color would suit you. Green, Blue and Violet are cool shades. Warm hues are reds, oranges and yellows

Step 4:
Try highlights or lowlights if you’re not ready to commit to all over hair color. Add Carmel highlights for a Sunkist look. Copper highlights are great for warm complexions and chunky low lights add dimension and modern flare.

Step 5:
Experiment with your look. Go for the black goth look you always crave. Or see if blondes really do have more fun. Opt for a firy red hue to match up your firy personality. Temporary dyes make experimenting a cinch, after all its only color.

Remember the best possible way to take care of your hair is by visiting your local hair salon. For tips on finding a great stylist Click Here.

Preventing Split Ends

Video Transcription:
How to prevent split ends? First thing is first, you want to analyze the hair. Making sure that your ends are not dry and brittle. If you find that they are, the best solution for dry split ends is to trim them. So you simply take a part of the hair. Now if we don’t remove the split ends, what will happen is they will begin to travel up the hair shaft. Thus causing more damage and after all it will break your hair. Don’t be afraid to trim your split ends. Trimming your split ends will help you have a healthy, bouncy and beautiful hair. So first thing you wanna do is always shampoo with a great moisturizing shampoo conditioner. Also check your ends on a regular basis. If you see them getting dry and frizzy, then it might be something you’re doing at home. Everyday brushing and combing can cause problems to your ends. Remember the best possible way to take care of your split ends is by visiting your local professional. For tips on finding a great stylist Click Here.

How to Maintain Your Hair Color

A gorgeous hair color can lift your looks and your spirit. Once you’ve go to the salon, you get that amazing hair color. You want that color to last as long as it can. First off, we would recommend not shampooing your hair that day. As a matter of fact, wait several days if possible so that hair color can really stay in there and last as long as it can. Wash your hair only as often as necessary and work with a conditioner that’s really gonna help seal that hair down. So the next thing we’re going to do is to choose the proper shampoo & conditioner for that color treated hair. It’s very important to look for shampoos and conditioners that are designed specifically for color treated hair and you can find them available in professional hair care lines all over. To get that great color in, some people say “how do I know, how to find a stylist to give me a great color?”. If your new to a community, look around and see if people that have great hair and ask them who did their hair. That’s the best way of finding a great stylist. And when you go to that stylist, you want to make a few inquiries – What type of education do they keep current with the trends?. Do they offer retail products available for you so that you can take home or healthy hair care products after you get that great color? All these are good things to look for when looking for a new stylist. For tips on finding the right stylist click here.

Hair Salon in Dunedin – Perms

Perms are a great way to change your looks when straight hair seems boring to you. Getting a perm depends on the shape of your face and if hair is healthy. It is important to know your hair type and how it will react to the process of breaking and then re-forming links between protein chains in your hair. It could be harsh on your hair, so only get one if you’re completely sure.
Perming styles differ in terms of the rods used and the kind of solution that is applied, resulting to different types of perms. Some of the different types of Perms are body wave perms, pin curl perms, multi-textured perms, stack, root, spiral, spot & weave perms. More info in this link

7 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

7 Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Baldness or alopecia implies partial or complete lack of hair. It is a natural process and it occurs when age advances. Causes of hair loss can be due to inadequate nutrition, specially people with folic acid deficiency may suffer hair loss. Other causes of hair loss are hereditary, age, hormonal changes, poor blood circulation to the scalp, excess dandruff and stress.
Hair is formed in minute pockets in the skin called follicles. Hair is made up of keratin, a type of protein. The rate of production of these building blocks determines hair growth. There should be a balance in the hair growth and falling of hair. Any problem in the body system can cause imbalance resulting to hair loss and finally baldness.
Follow these 7 Natural Hair Loss Remedies you can do at home.

1. Boil dry pieces of amla in coconut oil and apply to the scalp.

2. A mixture of equal quantity of fresh amla juice and lime juice when used as a shampoo stimulates hair growth and prevent hair loss.

3. Taking one cup of Lettuce and Spinach juice daily prevents hair loss.

4. Using castor oil as hair oil regularly prevents hair loss.

5. Apply a mixture of Aloe Vera with herbal powder triphala to the hair for a period of three to six months. It will result in growth of new hair.

6. A useful natural remedy for hair loss is by applying a paste made from the seeds of lemon and black pepper on the bald patches.

7. Massage almond oil on scalp 2-3 times a day everyday as this will stop further hair loss and is very good hair loss treatment.

Lastly it is safe to visit the nearest hair salon to make sure your hair is in good shape. It is easy to make a mistake that could damage your hair so it is advisable to visit a stylist at your local hair salon and ask some ideas. For tips on finding the right hair salon, log on to Tips On Finding Hair Salon.

Hair Salon – How to Take Good Care of your Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are methods of attaching lengths of real or synthetic hair to the scalp. These methods are used to conceal thinning or hair loss in concentrated areas. Extensions are usually applied by a stylist but many are doing this at home. Unlike natural hair, extensions cannot be restored once they are damaged. So with proper care, your hair pieces can look great and can be reused for years. To ensure the beautiful longevity of your extensions, follow this simple steps.

Step 1
Wrap your hair while you sleep. Gently wrapped, tie it back, or braid your hair to prevent tangling. Hair pieces can become easily knotted at the installation place.

Step 2
Wash your hair appropriately. It’s best to wash your hair every other day. Every day washing of your hair pieces can cause them to swell and tangle.

Step 3
Brush you hair at least twice a day to keep the natural hairs that you lose daily from getting tangled in your extensions. And use precaution during styling. Gather all of your hair into one hand while brushing with the other hand to ensure that you don’t cause stress at the installation point. Also, use as little heat as possible on your hair extensions. Let your hair air-dry. When heat is used, it’s best to always apply a heat-protective serum beforehand.

Step 4
Avoid harsh products like dandruff shampoos that has alcohol in it. Use a gentle shampoo that doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate. When wearing hair extensions always remember to take care of your scalp by using good leave-in conditioner every two or three days, applying it meagerly to the ends.

Step 5
Visit your stylist every six to eight week for touch-ups and making sure your hair is in good shape. Follow your stylist advice on guidelines to how often you should schedule a maintenance visit.

It is easy to make a mistake that could damage your hair so it is advisable to visit a stylist at your local hair salon and ask some ideas. For tips, click here.