How To Prevent Split Ends

How do you prevent those damaging split ends? The first step is to always use shampoo on your hair with moisturizing conditioner. Second, don’t brush or comb everyday as these will cause troubles to your beautiful hair. Now if your ends are already dry and brittle, trim them, don’t be scared to cut your split ends. Now if you don’t take away those split ends it will begin to travel up the hair shaft and continue to damage your hair. Keep in mind that you can always visit your local hair salon and ask for more advices.

Hair Shampoo Tips

Shampooing will keep your hair in good condition. Here are eight things to remember when using hair shampoo.

1. Use a simple cleansing shampoo.
2. The selection of the shampoo should depend upon the hair type.
3. For oily hair use some mild shampoo.
4. Thoroughly rinse your hair. The squeak test is a good measure.
5. It is better to rinse thoroughly with luke warm water.
6. Don’t shampoo every day, even if you use a gentle shampoo. Daily shampooing takes too much oil and water from the shaft.
7. Switch shampoos once a month to avoid hair buildup.
8. Thoroughly dry your hair.

Remember the best possible way to take care of your hair is by visiting your local hair salon. For tips on finding a great stylist Click Here.