Haircut and StyleYour preference for hair length reflects your lifestyle and looks. The right style for you depends on your height, tone, hair texture and face shape. Knowing your best features will help you know what style suits you even before you enter the salon.

Face Shape

Your face shape is a big factor in choosing a haircut. Women with round faces look best with a hair length just below the chin. Pointed faces look better with short hair and should avoid a length that goes past the chin. Bangs are a good way to accentuate your eyes. Choosing the correct length will make your hairstyle more flattering and easier to maintain.

Hair Texture

Everyone should know the texture of their hair, whether curly, wavy, fine, thick, straight or stringy. The right haircut helps prevent the damage and frizziness of over-styling. Thin hair is best when short. Curly hair cut to a length between chin and shoulder length helps avoid frizz and fluff. Choose wisely and get a cut that makes you feel your best.

Mix and Match

If you are still uncertain about what hairstyle suits you, at Total Image Hair Designs we can help you decide. We also combine haircuts with color and highlighting. Highlights add depth and dimension with just a touch of color.