Hair Color

Dyeing Your Hair at Home

You can dye your hair at home; however, it is best if you don’t exceed 2 tones darker or lighter than your natural hair color. For those that want to go from a brown to a blonde hair color for example, should definitely consider going to a hair salon. If you’re willing to risk it though, selecting a semi-permanent dye is recommended.

Don’t be Fooled by the Box

When choosing a hair dye, it is important to carefully read the description on the box. Most products will describe the color as well as the shade; for example, light brown, dark black, etc. Going by the color in the box picture is not a good idea, as it often does not represent the true color.

Selecting the Ideal Color Shade

The basics behind choosing a hair color is determining whether you have a “warm” or “cool” undertone. Those with a “warm” undertone typically have green veins in the sunlight, whereas people with a “cool” undertone have blue veins.

People who have a “warm” skin tone look great in rich colors such as; brunette, bronze, light brown, etc. The key is to select a shade that is darker than your skin tone. Those with a “cool” skin tone should stay away from colors such as copper, chestnut, and gold. Colors that look good in people with a “cool” undertone include light ash blonde and medium ash brown.

If in doubt as to which hair color looks best with your skin tone, there are various hair salons in Dunedin that can help. Hair stylists are trained and educated to make this type of judgment, and know what hairstyle and hair color will leave you glowing. Trained professionals at Total Image Hair Designs are ready to help you find the perfect hair color.

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