Ever Wondered What Happens Behind the Scenes of a Hair Salon?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Hair salons are an essential part of the beauty industry, providing not only aesthetic services but also a sense of confidence and well-being.
  2. The inner workings of a hair salon involve a flurry of activity before the client’s arrival, as well as the art of hair care treatments, perfecting the finishing touches, and tying up loose ends.
  3. Behind the scenes, owners and managers delegate tasks, oversee financial matters, and strategize how to market and promote their business.

You might think of hair salons as simply a place to get a haircut or a blowout, but in reality, they are far more than that. They are an essential component of the thriving beauty industry, a place where professionals are trained to spruce up your locks and make you feel like a million bucks. So, what exactly goes on behind the scenes of these glamorous establishments? Come with me on this journey to discover the intricacies of the hair salon business.

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

Before you even step foot inside a salon, there is a flurry of activity to ensure your experience is seamless. Hairstylists are busy managing their schedules, making sure appointments are correctly booked, and that each client’s file is up-to-date, complete with details on treatments and preferences. Meanwhile, the salon is cleaned and prepped for the day’s appointments, with freshly laundered towels, sanitized tools, and an array of products at the ready.

The Art of Hair Care Treatments

Once you’re seated in the stylist’s chair, another layer of expertise comes into play. Your stylist will determine the best treatments for your hair type and needs, beginning with the shampoo and conditioner. Next comes the cut, where scissors and razors are wielded with precision to create the perfect style. And then, for those seeking some extra pizzazz, highlights or all-over color can provide just the right amount of personality.

Perfecting the Finishing Touches

With hair cleaned, cut, and colored, it’s time to add style. Depending on the desired outcome, your stylist might use a blow dryer and flat iron for a sleek, straight look, or opt for curling irons and waving wands to create bouncy curls. Hair extensions and intricate updos are also skillfully applied when the occasion calls for it.

Tying Up Loose Ends

After you’ve left the salon with your fabulous new look, the work doesn’t stop. Stylists and assistants continue to clean and sanitize the stations, chairs, and tools used during appointments. They also restock supplies, ensuring that there’s never a shortage of products for future clients. And, to keep that personal connection, many salons follow up with clients to ensure satisfaction and get timely feedback.

Keeping Things Running Smoothly

Behind the curtain of the hair salon are the operational elements that ensure its success. Owners and managers delegate tasks among staff, oversee financial matters like budgeting, and strategize how to effectively market and promote their business to attract new clients.

Looking to the Future

As we’ve seen, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the inner workings of a hair salon. These establishments play a vital role in the lives of many, providing not only an aesthetic service but also a sense of confidence and well-being. With the tireless work of dedicated stylists and the ever-evolving beauty industry, it’s safe to say that the future of hair salons is looking as bright as a fresh highlight.

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Unveiling the Ideal Wedding Haircut: Finding the Look That Suits You Best

Key Takeaways:

  1. Evaluate your hair type and desired vibe before choosing a wedding haircut.
  2. Research styles, accessories, and products and discuss them with a stylist.
  3. Prepare and maintain your hair leading up to the wedding, and consider accessory options to complete the look.

Unveiling the Ideal Wedding Haircut: Finding the Look That Suits You Best
Every bride wants to look their best on the most important day of their life. A key part of this is finding a wedding haircut that will do justice to your features and unique style, as well as give you the confidence that you need to look and feel your best on the big day. Choosing the right wedding haircut is one of the most important beauty decisions you will make, so it’s essential to take the time to ensure that you are happy with your choice. To help make the process of finding the perfect wedding haircut easier, consider the following factors and advice.

Evaluating Factors

When you are beginning to think about the right wedding haircut for you, there are a few important factors to evaluate. The first is your hair type. Whether you have short, medium-length, or long hair, there are a variety of hairstyles to choose from. Different brooch or hairstyles can suit different face shapes and hair textures. Understanding the characteristics and structure of your hair is a great place to start.

The next step would be to determine the type of hairstyle that you would like. Some brides desire an elegant updo, while others may want to keep their curls or waves for a more laid back look. Think about the part of your hair that you are comfortable with, if you plan on wearing a veil, and how much time you want to spend on your hair before the wedding. Also consider the season of your wedding and the type of dress you will be wearing.

Other considerations include whether you have a large bridal party, since some hairstyles are better suited for larger groups. Additionally, work with your hairdresser to determine whether a short, traditional, or vintage hairstyle is the right choice for you. Finally, most importantly think about the type of wedding you are having and the vibe you want your look to project on your big day.

Steps for Finding the Perfect Wedding Haircut

Now that you have established the type of hairstyle you are looking for and the elements that your wedding haircut needs to fit, it is time to find the perfect hairstyle for you.

Begin by researching different hairstyles that fit the desired look. Consider creating an inspirational board of the front and back side of hairstyles that you like, as well as feature accessories that might work for the look. This will give you and your stylist a great starting point in finding the right style for you.

When you find a few hairstyles that you like, have an honest conversation with your stylist about your likes and dislikes. There are some hairstyles that can seem like a great fit, but when taken into account with the other elements of your wedding day, may not be the best choice. That’s why it’s important to discuss your desires and the overall vision of your wedding look.

In addition, it is important to make sure that you are choosing a hairstyle that works with your individual features. Apply what you know about your face shape, hair structure, and desired vibe for the day to narrow down your choices. Discuss possible variations that might work better for your hair type.

A great way to decide on the perfect wedding haircut is to get a trial run. Doing a trial run a couple of weeks before the big day will give you the chance to make sure the style is going to work perfectly. This is also a great time to discuss accessories and go over the different products you will need to maintain your hair throughout the day.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Wedding Haircut

Once you have chosen the best wedding haircut for you, there are a few important tips to follow to make sure that the look will be picture perfect on your big day.

To start, dedicated time to preparing your hair for the style. This may involve deep conditioning, treatments, and various other styling activities days before your wedding. Work with your stylist to determine the exact pre-event routine for achieving optimum results.

There are a number of quality hair products out there and it’s important to use the right materials to achieve the desired look. Make sure to ask your stylist which products to use and how to use them. This may vary depending on the individual elements of your hair, and taking a proactive approach to shampooing and conditioning can help optimize the results.

Finally, consider talking to your stylist about accessory options. Accessories such as barrettes, clips, and pins can help bring any wedding look up another notch, so it’s important to decide on these during the trial run. A multitude of accessories are available, so make sure to discuss with your stylist what will best accentuate your chosen style.


Finding the perfect wedding haircut is an important step in creating an unforgettable look for your big day. It is important to find a style that works with your individual features and desired vibe, as well as something you are comfortable with. Taking some time to properly evaluate the important factors, finding hairstyles that are the right fit, discussing with a stylist what best works for your hair, and preparing your hair appropriately, are all important steps that will help you achieve the perfect wedding look. Staying within your personal style will definitely help you look fashionable and fresh on your big day.

For all of your wedding haircut needs, check out Total Image Hair Designs. Total Image Hair Designs is a hair and nail salon in Dunedin, Florida, with a team of experienced stylists who will make sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day. From updos to long curls, traditional or vintage styles, and any accessories you may need, Total Image Hair Designs is the trusted destination for your wedding hair.


Say Goodbye to Short Hair: 10 Ways to Style Long Locks

Key Takeaways:

  1. Long hair can be beautiful and versatile, with dozens of styling possibilities.
  2. Different products and styling tools can help you to maintain your long hairstyle.
  3. Long hair can bring out the best features on different face shapes, including oval, round, and square.

Say Goodbye to Short Hair: 10 Ways to Style Long Locks

Short haircuts are perfect for anyone seeking a low-maintenance hairstyle. However, those with the long, luscious locks often find it difficult to discover different and stylish ways to wear their hair. Long hair can be intimidating and overwhelming, but with the right hairstyles and styling products, you can show off your long locks with style.

This article will share 10 ways to help you get the most out of your long locks. First, it covers various styles for long hair, as well as tips for styling and maintenance. Second, this article will discuss the best face shapes for long hair to ensure you look your best.

I. Introduction

A. Definition of “long hairstyles”

Long hairstyles refer to any hairstyle that falls past the shoulders. This could mean hair that is bone-straight to curls both tight and loose. While these looks can vary greatly, they all share the commonality of features: long hair, likely to fall below the shoulders.

B. Benefits of long hairstyles

Long hairstyles can be beautiful, versatile, and relatively low-maintenance. Due to the length, of course, there are more styling options— you can curl it, straighten it, put it up in a lovely updo, or braid it. Additionally, with the right styling products, long hair is usually easy to manage between visits to the salon.

II. Various Styles For Long Hair

A. Wavy style

One of the most versatile looks for long hair is a wavy style. Wavy styles can be worn for everyday occasions, a night out on the town, or a red-carpet event. With the right styling products and tools, your waves can be sleek, tousled, or beach-inspired. As an added bonus, the more you work with this look, the more well-defined and voluminous your waves will become.

B. Curly style

Curly hairstyles for long hair have been popular for years, and for good reason: curls offer a dramatic and timeless look. This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions, but it’s also easy to care for as long as you use the right tools and styling products. A diffuser is definitely a must-have item in your styling kit because it helps you to shape and manage your curls without losing too much shape.

C. Layered

Layered long hair is perfect for anyone who is looking to achieve a softer look. Layered looks can be worn both up and down, and they require less maintenance than other long hairstyles. If you’re looking to add a bit of volume to your hair, layered looks can easily be created with a curling iron, mousse, and hairspray.

III. Styling and Maintenance

A. Best products for long hair

Determining the best products for your hair can be a bit tricky, as it depends largely on your personal preference as well as your hair type and texture. For long hair, it’s important to choose products that will provide a good balance of moisture and protection.

Look for products with natural ingredients like essential oils and natural extracts that nourish and protect your hair. Additionally, be sure to choose items that will help you to detangle and protect against heat damage. Additionally, use products specifically designed for long hair, such as volumizing mousse and blow-drying cremes.

B. Best tools for styling

When styling long hair, it’s important to pick the right tools to get the job done. For wavy and curly styles, opt for ceramic or tourmaline straighteners, curling irons, and round brushes for blow drying. For layered looks, be sure to use a wide-tooth comb to help you detangle your hair. And don’t forget about your diffuser—it will help you to maintain your curls without causing any heat damage.

C. How to prevent damage

Keeping your long hair healthy is key to achieving beautiful locks. In order to prevent any damage, it’s best to start with quality shampoo and conditioners, as well as deep-conditioning treatments. Additionally, pay attention to the heat-styling tools you are using and keep them at a lower temperature when possible. And be sure to use protective styling products when using any heat tools.

IV. Best Face Shapes for Long Hair

A. Oval face

Oval face shapes are known to be the most versatile, meaning they look good with nearly all hair styles, including long hair. This face shape is characterized by a wider forehead and a more narrow jawline. For the oval face, long hair is a great look because it frames and softens the face.

B. Round face

Round faces are characterized by fullness around the cheeks and chin area. For this face shape, it’s recommended to choose a style with layers to create a more slender look. The layers will create angles around the face that will make it look more defined and less round.

C. Square face

Square faces are characterized by a broad forehead, square jawline, and the sides of the head. For the classic square face, it’s best to choose a style that adds height and volume to the top of the head while keeping the sides and back minimal. This will help to soften the angular features of the face.

V. Conclusion

A. Summary of long hairstyles

Long hair can be intimidating and overwhelming, but with styling and the right products, you can make it manageable. There are dozens of styling possibilities, including wavy, curly, or layered looks. Additionally, the best face shapes for long hair include oval, round, and square.

B. Addressing common misconceptions

Many people believe that long hair is high-maintenance, but in actuality, it can be very low-maintenance with the right products and styling advice. And with the right face shape, long hair can bring out your best features.

Being confident in your long hairstyle starts at Total Image Hair Designs, a professional hair and nail salon in Dunedin, Florida. Their talented team of professionals take the time to understand your unique needs so they can give you exactly the look you desire. Schedule an appointment today to experience the Total Image Hair Designs difference.


How To Prevent Split Ends

How do you prevent those damaging split ends? The first step is to always use shampoo on your hair with moisturizing conditioner. Second, don’t brush or comb everyday as these will cause troubles to your beautiful hair. Now if your ends are already dry and brittle, trim them, don’t be scared to cut your split ends. Now if you don’t take away those split ends it will begin to travel up the hair shaft and continue to damage your hair. Keep in mind that you can always visit your local hair salon and ask for more advices.

Hair Shampoo Tips

Shampooing will keep your hair in good condition. Here are eight things to remember when using hair shampoo.

1. Use a simple cleansing shampoo.
2. The selection of the shampoo should depend upon the hair type.
3. For oily hair use some mild shampoo.
4. Thoroughly rinse your hair. The squeak test is a good measure.
5. It is better to rinse thoroughly with luke warm water.
6. Don’t shampoo every day, even if you use a gentle shampoo. Daily shampooing takes too much oil and water from the shaft.
7. Switch shampoos once a month to avoid hair buildup.
8. Thoroughly dry your hair.

Remember the best possible way to take care of your hair is by visiting your local hair salon. For tips on finding a great stylist Click Here.

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Choosing the Right Hair Color

Whether coloring your hair professionally or at home. Choose the right hair color to compliment your skin tone. Be it all over color, highlights, or lowlights, the right shade will make your look come to life. You will need: Hair stylist or packaged hair coloring, a shade selector, a color wheel, a mirror and selected items from your wardrobe.

Step 1:
Decide whether your going to use a professional salon or an at home coloring kit. Base your decision on whether your covering gray, highlighting a natural hair color or using hair color to completely change your image. Plan your commitment to hair coloring. Temporary hair colors wash out quickly. Semi-permanent products typically lasts for a couple of months and permanent dyes will need to be grown out or require frequent root touch ups.

Step 2:
Get out your color shade selector and color wheel. Use a mirror to decide if you have a cool or warm complexion based on your skin tone, eye color and natural hair color. Remember the results on the box or swatch are only an approximation of the color.
Cool complexions typically have deep brown or ash-colored hair, with dark brown or dark blue eye color and a medium to all of complexion. Warm Complexions feature golden brown, green blue to hazel eye color with golden brown to strawberry blonde hair color and a fair to peachy complexion.

Step 3:
Examine your wardrobe to get a feel of what hair color would suit you. Green, Blue and Violet are cool shades. Warm hues are reds, oranges and yellows

Step 4:
Try highlights or lowlights if you’re not ready to commit to all over hair color. Add Carmel highlights for a Sunkist look. Copper highlights are great for warm complexions and chunky low lights add dimension and modern flare.

Step 5:
Experiment with your look. Go for the black goth look you always crave. Or see if blondes really do have more fun. Opt for a firy red hue to match up your firy personality. Temporary dyes make experimenting a cinch, after all its only color.

Remember the best possible way to take care of your hair is by visiting your local hair salon. For tips on finding a great stylist Click Here.

Preventing Split Ends

Video Transcription:
How to prevent split ends? First thing is first, you want to analyze the hair. Making sure that your ends are not dry and brittle. If you find that they are, the best solution for dry split ends is to trim them. So you simply take a part of the hair. Now if we don’t remove the split ends, what will happen is they will begin to travel up the hair shaft. Thus causing more damage and after all it will break your hair. Don’t be afraid to trim your split ends. Trimming your split ends will help you have a healthy, bouncy and beautiful hair. So first thing you wanna do is always shampoo with a great moisturizing shampoo conditioner. Also check your ends on a regular basis. If you see them getting dry and frizzy, then it might be something you’re doing at home. Everyday brushing and combing can cause problems to your ends. Remember the best possible way to take care of your split ends is by visiting your local professional. For tips on finding a great stylist Click Here.

How to Maintain Your Hair Color

A gorgeous hair color can lift your looks and your spirit. Once you’ve go to the salon, you get that amazing hair color. You want that color to last as long as it can. First off, we would recommend not shampooing your hair that day. As a matter of fact, wait several days if possible so that hair color can really stay in there and last as long as it can. Wash your hair only as often as necessary and work with a conditioner that’s really gonna help seal that hair down. So the next thing we’re going to do is to choose the proper shampoo & conditioner for that color treated hair. It’s very important to look for shampoos and conditioners that are designed specifically for color treated hair and you can find them available in professional hair care lines all over. To get that great color in, some people say “how do I know, how to find a stylist to give me a great color?”. If your new to a community, look around and see if people that have great hair and ask them who did their hair. That’s the best way of finding a great stylist. And when you go to that stylist, you want to make a few inquiries – What type of education do they keep current with the trends?. Do they offer retail products available for you so that you can take home or healthy hair care products after you get that great color? All these are good things to look for when looking for a new stylist. For tips on finding the right stylist click here.