Celebrity Hairstyles

Like couture inspired by the past, hairstyles from previous decades are often resdiscovered and made fashionable again. Celebrities lead the way when they bring to life hairstyles such as the pixie cut, feathery layers and the bob. For more information about hair styling, call us at (727) 734-7252 and talk with one of our stylists or visit us in Dunedin, Florida.

How to do Fish Tail Braid

Many people find fish tail braiding challenging to master, but that does not have to stop you from wearing this type of braid. [Read Full Article…]

How to do Bombshell Blowout Hairstyle

Bombshell Blowout Hairstyle

When you want a sexy look with just the right amount of bouncy, loose curls, the bombshell blowout hairstyle is a true winner [Read Full Article…]

How to do Updo Hairstyle

Updos are the classic hairstyle of choice for nights out, parties or formal events as they give women an aura of sophistication while keeping long hair out of their faces. [Read Full Article…]

Top Tips for a Beautiful Hair Highlight

Nothing ruins a perfect look like bad highlights. On a positive note, you can avoid this problem by finding a good stylist. When you find a stylist that you trust, consider these 5 tips for your next visit to the salon:

1. Enhance Your Natural Hair Color

Brunettes and darker hair color look best when lighter strands of hair are added to the highlights. Ask your stylist to add a touch of lighter color to your hair before it is washed. This technique will bring out your natural hair color as well as give it some volume.

2. Avoid Highlights in Shorter Areas

You can get highlights if you have short hair, but it must be done correctly. Let your hairstylist know that you only want highlights in the longer parts of your hair. If your hair is long toward the front, that is the area to add color. Adding highlights to the shorter parts of your hair can make it look like it has stripes.

3. Don’t Overdo It

Overdoing your hair highlights is a bad idea and it’s completely unnecessary. In fact, all you have to do to maintain your highlights is get a quick touch up every four to eight weeks.

4. Ask for Alternatives

If you are thinking about getting highlights but you are not quite ready, ask your stylist for alternatives. A color rinse, for example, can be done in a few minutes and costs way less than getting highlights for your hair.

5. Try Extensions

Extensions are another option for those who want a non-permanent alternative to highlights. The good thing about extensions is that you can accessorize with them. One day you might be in the mood for loud, bright colors and the next day you may want to go for a more natural look.

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