Key Takeaways:

  1. A wedding haircut should reflect the bride’s unique style and flatter her features.
  2. Preparation is key to achieving the perfect look, choosing the right haircut, discussing style options with a stylist and purchasing the right products.
  3. When styling a wedding haircut, use the appropriate tools and products, such as a brush for blow-drying, and heat protectant for curling or styling. Hair accessories and hairspray can also help to complete the look.


5 Ways to Turn Your Wedding Haircut into a Stylish Statement!Every wedding day is special, so why not make the bride look her absolute best? A wedding hairstyle should make a fashion statement, not only reflecting the inner beauty of the bride-to-be, but also showing off her unique style. A wedding haircut can help the bride make a stylish statement on her special day.

What is a Wedding Haircut?

A wedding haircut is a unique cut and style that is specially tailored for the bride. It can be as traditional or nontraditional as the bride desires, yet should always reflect her personality. The goal of the wedding haircut is to make the bride look her best, with her hair elegantly framing her face and bringing attention to her features.

Benefits of Styling a Wedding Haircut

A wedding haircut is a great way to make a fashion statement on one’s special day. It can also make the bride look her absolute best, as the hairstyle should flatter her face and features. The right cut and style can make the bride feel beautiful and confident on her wedding day.

Preparation for Styling a Wedding Haircut

There are several steps involved in achieving the perfect wedding haircut. It is important to take the time to plan properly in order to ensure a gorgeous look on the big day.

Choose the Right Haircut for the Occasion

The bride should take the time to choose the right haircut for her wedding day. While the haircut should reflect her unique style, it should also be suitable for the occasion. For example, a more dramatic look might be more appropriate for a more formal affair, while a softer, more romantic look may be best for a more casual event.

Discuss Style Options with your Stylist

Once the bride has selected the right haircut, she should meet with her stylist to discuss the style options. The stylist can give the bride advice and tips on how to style her hair, as well as how to make the look last for the duration of the day.

Buy the Right Products for your Hair Type

In addition to selecting the perfect cut and style, it is also important to choose the right products for one’s hair type. The bride should discuss her hair type and texture with her stylist, who can recommend the best products to use. By using the right products, the bride can ensure her style will remain looking beautiful and flawless all day long.

Tips for Styling your Wedding Haircut

Once the bride has chosen her haircut, discussed style options with her stylist and bought the right products, it is time to start styling the haircut. Here are some tips to help the bride style her wedding haircut.

Blow-drying Your Hair

One of the first steps to styling a wedding haircut is blow-drying. This helps create a long-lasting style that will stay put all day. It is important to use a brush or paddle brush while blow-drying to make sure the style is even and smooth.

Curling Your Hair

If the bride wants to achieve a romantic, wavy style, she can use a curling iron or a curling wand to get the desired look. Be sure to use heat protectant prior to using any hot styling tool, as this will protect the hair from heat damage.

Creating an Updo

For a more formal look, the bride can create an updo. This can involve creating a bun, twists or curls, depending on the desired effect. It is important to use the appropriate products for creating an updo, such as anti-frizz serum and hairspray, to help keep the style in place.

Finishing Touches

Once the desired style is achieved, there are some finishing touches that can help make the look extra special.

Adding Hair Accessories

Adding hair accessories, such as flowers, pearls, hair pins or a veil, can help finish off the look. Be sure to use accessories that complement the overall style, as this can pull the look together.

Applying Hairspray

Hairspray can help make sure the style stays in place all night. Be sure to spray the style in short bursts and keep the can 6-8 inches away from the hair to avoid any sticky or damp spots.

Ensuring a Long-lasting Look

Lastly, it is important to ensure the style lasts all night. The bride should talk to her stylist about where to buy products that will help extend the longevity of her hairstyle. This includes products such as root cover-ups, volumizing sprays and leave-in conditioners.


A wedding haircut can help make a stylish statement on the big day. By choosing the right haircut, discussing style options with a stylist and buying the right products, the bride can ensure a gorgeous and long-lasting look. With careful preparation and the right styling tips, the bride can have the perfect hairstyle for her wedding day.

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