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Trying a new hairstyle can be a bit stressful for some people. Many women are uncertain of what style looks good on them. There are times when they want a change in how they look but are afraid to ask for a completely new haircut. There are other women who want to try a drastic change only to be disappointed by the final result. This is why most of us choose a salon carefully. It takes a lot of trust to believe the stylist when she tells you that a new style will look good on you. [Read Full Article…]

Get a new Look with a Haircut

Ever notice how you can tell if a friend has just been through a breakup by her dramatic new haircut? Many women will agree that after a major and negative life experience, going to the hair salon seems to cheer them up and this often leads to some major hair chopping. A dramatic new style can signify defiance in the midst of a difficult situation. For others, it signals the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Here are some major celebs who took the plunge and ditched their signature long locks in one dramatic move, and how the rest of the world can take their hair cutting cues from them. [Read Full Article…]

Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Getting a great haircut is essential to improving your appearance. Here are some of the best cuts for people with curly hair. A good hair cut can make the most of curly hair texture and give you one of the most popular styles today. If you want to try one of these haircuts, call or visit us at Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida. We have everything you need to make you love your curly hair. [Read Full Article…]

Hairstyle for Women over 40

The perfect cut can bring out your best facial features and at the same time make you look and feel younger. If you are in your forties, you are not limited to certain hairstyles. You can go for classic and timeless haircuts or flattering cropped hairstyles.

    • A short wavy hairstyle is perfect for almost any woman who would like to try something different. It is a sophisticated cut with level layers and can suit almost any face shape.
    • Hair pulled back in a bun is also perfect for women over 40. This hairstyle works well with long hair as it can be looped around itself or secured with a hair band to create a feminine and classic style.
    • A heavily layered cut and style with sexy waves that hit just below the collarbone add body to your hair and make you look youthful by creating flattering softness.
    • A shaggy bob is a short and sleek look that will soften the face instantly.
    • You might consider changing your hair color when you choose a shorter cropped style. A touch of added warmth will make you glow and lift your cheek bones.
  • Volume boosting layers look great whether straight or curly.
  • An off-center part is perfect for women who would like to hide skin imperfections. This hair style creates a swinging panel that covers the side of the face where there may be skin patches or spots.
  • The pony tail is a professional look for women in their 40s since it is both feminine and neat. The style is kept sophisticated by tying hair low on the nape of the neck.
  • Side-swept parted hairstyles on longer hair will give you that beautiful luxe look. If you have thin hair, a professional stylist can help you achieve luminous volume.
  • A short bobbed hairstyle with a fringe will draw attention to your best facial features. The fringe should be short to frame your face.
  • A long smooth style is perfect for showing off healthy locks.
  • A tousled texture is perfect for women with petite features as it helps achieve figure balancing fullness.

Popular Haircuts Now

There are hundreds of styles to choose from when you get a haircut. But out of hundreds, these are the haircuts most often requested by salon customers. To talk with a skilled stylist about which look is just right for you, call us at (727) 734-7252 or visit us in Dunedin, Florida.

Celebrity Hairstyles

Like couture inspired by the past, hairstyles from previous decades are often resdiscovered and made fashionable again. Celebrities lead the way when they bring to life hairstyles such as the pixie cut, feathery layers and the bob. For more information about hair styling, call us at (727) 734-7252 and talk with one of our stylists or visit us in Dunedin, Florida.