Love Your Curls: Uncovering the Hidden Health Benefits of Getting a Hair Perm

Key Takeaways:

  1. Getting a hair perm can be beneficial for hair health, reduces breakage, makes styling easier, and boosts scalp health.
  2. Popular perm styles include spiral curls, voluminous waves, and body waves.
  3. Proper care includes shampooing and conditioning regularly, and avoiding excessive heat and product.

Are you considering getting a perm, but not sure if it’s right for you? While some people are hesitant to embrace the curls and waves that come with a perm, they are actually beneficial to your hair’s health. To help you figure out if getting a hair perm is right for you, this article will discuss the health benefits and drawbacks, popular perm styles, and proper care tips.


A hair perm is a chemical process that is used to help break down bonds in the hair, allowing it to return back to its curled shape, as opposed to its straight structure. Perms have been around for years, and now you can choose from a wide range of permanent waving methods – from spiral coils to large body waves and everything in between.

Without a perm, achieving the same styles can be hard, and even take more effort and heat damage from curling irons. Not to mention, these styles were not permanent and often lacked bounce and shine because of the harsh tools and products used. This is why it can be beneficial to get a hair perm.

Health Benefits of a Hair Perm

When done properly, a hair perm can offer numerous health benefits.

Prevention of Breakage

Getting your hair permanently curled can help reduce breakage due to frequent heat styling. Curling tools can dry out hair, making them brittle and susceptible to breakage. Getting a perm done will greatly reduce the frequency with which you need to apply heat and can leave your hair looking healthier and more nourished.

Easier Hair Styling

Most people opt for a perm to get curls, but even if you want to switch up your look to a more natural wave this process can still benefit your styling. When you have naturally straight hair, it can take effort and time to get waves just right. A permanent wave can help cut this down and give you a head start.

Better Scalp Health

Getting a hair perm can also stimulate scalp health by boosting the circulation of the blood vessels surrounding the roots of the hair. This increased blood flow can add life to the scalp and will leave your hair looking healthier and shinier.

Drawbacks of Getting a Hair Perm

While there are numerous health benefits to getting a perm, there can also be some drawbacks.

Over-processed Hair

If your hair is over-processed during the perm process, it can lead to extreme dryness and damage. The dryness can cause split ends and breakage, making your hair even shorter than before.

Growing Out Period

One of the more difficult aspects of getting a perm is the growing out process. The straighter the style you have been permed into, the longer it will take for it to grow out effectively. You may be stuck in between two looks until your curls are fully grown out.

Popular Hair Perm Styles

If you’re considering getting a perm, here are some popular styles you may consider.

Spiral Curls

This is one of the most popular styles of perms. It involves winding sections of hair around heated rods, so the curl pattern varies greatly with each rod size. The end result is a tight spiral of spiraling permanent curls that can last for up to three months.

Voluminous Waves

This style gives hair a full-bodied beachy wave effect, perfect for those who love the classic romantic look. The curl pattern is bouncy and gives hair added body when left to its own devices.

Body Waves

A body wave is a slightly more subtle perm that yields a beachy, wavy look, instead of a full-blown curl. This can add body and texture to locks, and is perfect for those who want natural-looking waves that look like you have spent the day at the beach.

Tips for Proper Care

After getting a perm, there are certain steps that should be taken to keep hair healthy and continue to get the most out of your perm.

Shampooing and Conditioning

It is important to shampoo your hair with a sulfate-free product and always condition it with a deep-conditioning mask. This will help keep the curl pattern intact and help to maintain the health of the hair.

Avoiding Heat and Damage

In order to maintain your perm and the style you got it done to, you must avoid using excessive heat and product. Heat styling and products can strip the hair of its natural curl pattern, leaving you with a flat, dull look.


Surprisingly, getting a hair perm can actually be beneficial to the health of your hair. Not only does it make styling easier and give great body and waves, but it can also help to prevent breakage and boost scalp health. To ensure the perm is healthy, it’s important to shampoo and condition regularly and avoid overuse of heat and styling products.

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Discover the Different Types of Hair Perms That Will Take Your Look to the Next Level!

Key Takeaways:

  1. There are a variety of types of hair perms that can help to take your look to the next level including traditional perm, digital perm, body wave perm, and root perm.
  2. Each type of perm has its own benefits and drawbacks and should be chosen based on hair type and desired hairstyle.
  3. When choosing a perm, it is important to consider hair type, the desired look, maintenance requirements, potential side effects, and to consult a stylist for advice.

Your hair is amazing and each perm has great potential to produce some fun, unique and fantastic results. But, before you commit to any style with the use of a perm, it’s important to do your research, and make sure you know the benefits and downside to each type of perm. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the different types of hair perms that you can use to take your look to the next level.

I. Introduction:

A. Definition of a Hair Perm

A perm is a hairstyle created with the assistance of chemical relaxers or perming rods to style the hair permanently into a certain shape. The aim is to achieve what’s known as a “lasting styling”, which is a style that won’t fade or lose shape over time.

B. Overview of Different Types of Hair Perms

The most common types of hair perms are the traditional perm, digital perm, body wave perm, and root perm. Each of these types of perms has their own advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen according to your own hair type and desired hairstyle.

II. Body:

A. Traditional Perm:

1. How It Works

The traditional perm is a classic way to style your hair. The process involves curling the hair with the use of rods and then using a chemical solution to set the curls in place.

2. Benefits

The traditional perm is great for achieving bouncy curls that last for a long time. You can also choose how tight or loose each curl will be, depending on the size of the rods that you use. It’s also a good option if you’re looking for a perm that is low maintenance and won’t require a lot of upkeep.

3. Possible Side Effects

The downside of getting a traditional perm is that it involves the use of harsh chemicals, which can be damaging to your hair. Additionally, the curls may also become frizzy after a few weeks and require more frequent touch ups.

B. Digital Perm:

1. How It Works

A digital perm is a type of hot perm that achieves curls with the help of a digital machine. It involves wrapping strands of hair around the rod and then using the machine to heat up the hair in order to create a lasting wave.

2. Benefits

The benefit of getting a digital perm is that it results in longer lasting curls than other types of perms. The curls created by the digital perm also tend to be softer and smoother than other perms. Additionally, the process is also said to be a lot less damaging to the hair than traditional perms.

3. Possible Side Effects

The downside of the digital perm is that it can be a bit more expensive as compared to other types of perms and that it can take longer to achieve the desired results.

C. Body Wave Perm:

1. How It Works

A body wave perm involves wrapping the hair around perming rods and then using a chemical solution to set the hair into larger, flowing waves.

2. Benefits

The main benefit of the body wave perm is that it can give your hair a very natural, beachy wave look. It’s also much less damaging than the other types of perms and requires less maintenance.

3. Possible Side Effects

The downside of a body wave perm is that it can take some time to achieve the desired look. Additionally, the waves can also become quite loose over time and require more frequent touch ups.

D. Root Perm:

1. How It Works

A root perm is a perm that focuses on curling only the roots of the hair. During this process, a chemical solution is used to break down the bonds of the hair and then a set of rollers are used to style the hair into longer lasting curls.

2. Benefits

The benefit of getting a root perm is that it can help create a more subtle wave look and make your hair appear thicker and voluminous. Additionally, this type of perm also requires less maintenance than other types of perms.

3. Possible Side Effects

The downside of a root perm is that the curl may not last as long as some of the other types of perms and can be more prone to frizz. It’s also not as effective for creating tight curls.

III. Conclusion:

A. Summary of Different Types of Hair Perms

We’ve discussed some of the different types of hair perms that you can use to take your look to the next level. The traditional perm is great for achieving bouncy curls that last a long time. The digital perm is great for achieving long-lasting curls with a softer and smoother wave. A body wave perm gives you a more natural wave look and is much less damaging. And a root perm is great for creating a subtler wave and making your hair appear thicker.

B. Final Tips for Choosing the Best Hair Perm for You

When choosing the best hair perm for you, it’s important to consider your hair type, what type of look you’re trying to achieve, and the maintenance requirements and potential side effects as well. It’s also a good idea to consult a trusted hairstylist for advice.

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Hair Perms in Dunedin

Perms are a great way to change your looks when straight hair seems boring to you. Getting a perm depends on the shape of your face and if hair is healthy. It is important to know your hair type and how it will react to the process of breaking and then re-forming links between protein chains in your hair. It could be harsh on your hair, so only get one if you’re completely sure.

Perming styles differ in terms of the rods used and the kind of solution that is applied, resulting to different types of perms. Some of the different types of Perms are body wave perms, pin curl perms, multi-textured perms, stack, root, spiral, spot & weave perms.

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