Hair Damage Repair – Hair Salon in Dunedin

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When hair is damaged it is imposible to repair without trimming it off. A damaged hair becomes dull, brittle, frizzy and out of control. Poor diet, heat from hair dryers and hair coloring causes a damage hair. The basic solution for repairing a damaged hair is to get a regular hair trim once a month. Using Vitamin E treatment on your hair and combined with shampoo will make your hair look healthy and smooth. Making sure to rinse and shampoo hair as soon as possible after swimming in chlorine or salt water will prevent brittle hair. Using a diffuser at a low- heat or cool setting when you use hair dryer will get rid of damaged hair and encourage faster hair growth. Replacing damage hair with new hair takes a month. It is easy to make a mistake that could damage your hair so it is advisable to visit a stylist at your local hair salon and ask some ideas. For tips, log on to

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