How to Make a Twist Bun HairstyleThe twist bun hairstyle is a sleek and classy hairstyle for women on-the-go and is versatile enough to wear from day to night. It is also very easy to do and requires only the basic equipment to make. Here are the few basic steps on how to create the perfect twist bun hairstyle in a matter of minutes.


First, make sure that the hair is smooth and clean. A medium to shoulder hair length is best for making a twist bun since you have just the right amount of length for a quick twist and tuck into a nice, simple bun. Smooth the hair by combing on all sides using a comb or a brush and securing any stray hairs by lightly spraying with hairspray. Comb the hair back past your ears to prepare for the bun.

Making the Twist Bun

Pull the hair back, smoothing it as you go along, and pulling up as if you would do a ponytail or an updo. With one hand gripping the end of the hair, place the other hand on the middle portion of the hair so that the hair folds back as you pull ends inward to the fold in the middle. Tuck the end of the hair so that you form a bun along the center of the back of your head and secure tight with hair pins. Smooth the hair around the bun by lightly combing through. You can add a smoothing or finishing product to polish the look.

Your hairstylist can help you create the perfect the twist bun hairstyle and give you tips on how to perfect this style by yourself at home. Visit us at Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida or give us a call at Total Image Hair Designs for more tips on perfecting the right hairstyles for your hair.