Asian Bridal Hairstyle

Asian brides are often quite familiar with Western bridal hairstyles so it is becoming more common for brides to sport modern Western styles on their wedding day. However, there are modern styles that sport a mix between the traditional Asian styles and more classic looks like the updo or the chignon. Here’s a short tutorial on how to create a Pakistani bridal hairstyle for the modern bride.


Comb to smooth the hair back and to remove stray hairs. You can use a little bit of styling product to make the hair easier to manipulate. Leave a lock of hair about 1 inch think on both sides of the front of the face and pull the hair back. Tie the hair to create a ponytail at the back of the head.


Pull the ponytail towards you and start creating a donut bun by gripping the ends of the ponytail with both hands and curling the tips down and inward into a ponytail. Do this so that you slowly create a donut bun that pulls closer and closer to the back of the head. Secure the donut using pins on the upper part of the back of the head, tucking the ends under to hide it from view. Pull the two locks of hair back over the top of the head, teasing as you go to add more height to the front portion of the hair and comb them straight towards the back before tucking the ends into the donut bun. To add more detail you can add braided hair extensions and wrap them around the donut bun for more height.


You can use a setting product such as a medium hold water-based hairspray to keep the do in place for the entire duration of the wedding.

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