Trendy Hair Colors in 2013.

Trendy Hair Colors in 2013Keeping in style is not only about clothing fashions, but even the color of your hair. Why go with some shade that has been overdone and out-of-style as of last year? Many of the old color trends that were witnessed in 2012 have faded away without respect to the level of their popularity. It is time for something new. A few of last year’s trends have managed to stick around. Some of them have evolved to something even greater. Those considering a fresh change of hair color, should read on to get some of the most popular hair color ideas 2013 has to offer.

Multi-Colored Hair Ideas

Not every look goes out of style as the years go by. The blended ombré was highly popular last year and it still is. There has been some changes to this style; the look is not as bold as it used to be. No more dark brown roots with blonde ends. Instead, the new ombré hair coloring is much more conservative. Whether the hair color is brown, blonde, or red, there is no dyeing the ends a different color. Try sticking with the same color and just go a few shades lighter. If this look is not is not suitable, then possibly the deep contrast look is appealing. With this approach, only the lower layers are dyed a dark color while the top remains light. This added brilliant dimension to all bun and brain styles. Blue and pink pastel stripes were very popular in 2012, but the new year has seen these lighter shades be swapped for bolder colors of blue and orange.

Popular Single Hair Color Ideas

Trendy Hair Colors in 2013Bold shades of red have been very popular in the last couple of years, but these have given way to red shades that feature orange. Those who enjoy red hair color ideas are free to choose any shade that includes orange, as the colors are growing every brighter this year. This hair color is best for those with light or pale skin, but for those with darker complexions the new buttery blonde perfectly complements their tone. This shade of blonde is richer and deeper, featuring a hint of gold.

While some may opt to try out these new hair color ideas on their own, it is best to consult an expert to make then turn out right. For more inspiring ideas or professional hair styling service, call or visit Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida.