How To Do Loose French Braids.

How To Do Loose French BraidsFrench braids are back in style because they look casual yet elegant, and because they are extremely versatile and easy to style. French braids are a signature component of the loose, Bohemian chic that is always in style, especially when it comes to weddings. However, you don’t have to be in a wedding to wear this hairstyle, since elegant loose braids go well with almost any kind of wardrobe. Here’s how you can get the perfect French braid in a matter of minutes.

How to Do a Loose French Braid

Start by combing long, waist or shoulder-length hair down and back to smoothen. Create three 1-inch sections of hair starting from one side of the head so that the third section is right down the back of the head. Use this to create a loose braid that you slowly add with more random sections of hair. Braid loosely, with very little tension. This will make it easier for you to grab additional sections as you move from one side of the back of the head to the opposite side. Continue to grab additional sections so that you reach the other side of the head, with the last section forming part of the tail end of the braid and the braid naturally cascading down the opposite side of the head from where you started.

You may have a few wisps of hair floating loosely around both sides. You can tuck these behind the ears or leave them as is, since a loose French braid also tends to have a little amount of messiness about it that adds to its casual and laid-back appeal. Secure the end of the braid using a rubber band. Maintain the style using bobby pins tucked in strategic places or light to medium hold spray to prevent strands from unraveling.

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