How to do Waterfall Pony tail.

How to do Waterfall Pony Tail HairstyleThe pony tail hairstyle is one of the most trending one in Florida. And anyone can gave it done by professionals in any hair salon across the state. These are professionals which specialize in waterfall pony tail hairstyles, to make anyone look beautiful. But making it on their own is really simple. So let’s take a look at a few simple steps that will allow anyone to be able to make a pony tail hairstyle on their own, without having to go to a salon while also saving a couple of bucks. These bucks can pay for a pizza later on. Who knows.

Step 1 – Make a slightly loose regular ponytail.
Just as anyone would do a normal pony tail hairstyle, this time give it a little extra room by the elastic hair band that’s strapping around the hair base.

Step 2 – Use the fingers to make a whole prior to the ponytail.
This is very simple. Place the fingers above the elastic head band, above the pony hair tail, and punch a space that seems like a whole. Then lift that space up and prepare for the next step.

Step 3 – Pull the pony tail through that whole space in the hair.
Now pull the end of the pony tail and pass it through the space just created. The hair should be bent from under the whole, passing through and coming out towards the upper part of the head.

Step 4 – Make the hair smoother on the sides.
This step is optional, but anyone can use a hair straightener to flatten the hair lines to make the final step much smoother and better looking. It is possible to also curl the pony tail in order to give it that amazing look and sensational aspect.

Preparing this hair style is so simple, that many women after they head to the hair salon the first time, right afterward they are doing it at home on their own. But if you want a unique experience and an even more enhanced hair layout, you should count with the help of a professional to prepare you a most fabulous waterfall pony tail. If you’re ready for an amazing hair salon experience and want your hair done by the best professionals in the hair salon industry, then give a call to our salon Total Image Hair Designs or visit us at your earliest convenience at Dunedin, Florida.