How To Do Ombre Hair?While a head full of pink may be a little too much for most women, blending a few strands of pink into your hair can add a touch of glamour. The best part is that it can easily be done at home! The secret to getting a lovely ombre effect is selecting the right shade of pink for your current hair color. This can be quite tricky at times, but with a little guidance and a skilled hand, you can achieve a truly beautiful effect.

How to Do Pink Ombre Hair

There are two stages in the process of achieving an even result: (1) bleaching or highlighting and (2) drying.

1. Bleaching/Highlighting
If your current hair color is very dark, such as deep brown, brunette or auburn, you will need to lift some color in order to make the pink strands visible and achieve a sense of balance in the colors. This can be achieved by bleaching or putting highlights into your hair exactly where you would like the pink to be.

2. Dying
The dying process is not difficult but experience helps for applying the pink dye evenly. The secret to the best ombre coloring is to twist the strands after you have applied the dye in order to soften the line between where the pink dye ends and where your natural hair color begins. A pink ombre means one shade fading into another in order to avoid a two-tone effect. When rinsing, leave the dye in your hair as instructed on the package and rinse downward to avoid transferring the color to the rest of your hair.

Deep-condition your hair with virgin coconut oil, rinse again, and let it dry naturally. Style and you’re ready to go! If you are not confident in your hair-dyeing abilities, no worries – call or visit us at Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida, and we’ll help you get beautiful ombre style!

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