How To Do Fish Tail Braid.

How To Do Fish Tail BraidBraiding is a skill that not all of us have. Even fewer know how to fish tail braid. Those who want to wear this style often seek the services of a professional at a hair salon. Although the finished look appears effortless, it requires concentration to keep the hair taut while braiding to ensure that the finished braid is as smooth and straight as it should be.

Once you get the rhythm right, doing a fishtail will be a lot easier for you. It can be a challenge at the start, but if you want to create elegant braided hairstyles that stand out for being fashionable, then learning this technique is essential.

Getting Your Hair Ready for a Fish Tail Braid

Preparation is the first vital step because you want the braid to be straight, smooth, and easy to create. Before you begin, take a moment to plan how the look should be when finished. For a single fish tail braid, comb the hair in the direction of the back of your head, leaving out only the hair for bangs if you desire. You can also create a ponytail and braid it in the fish tail style. For two braids, part your hair down the middle.

Mastering the braiding technique step-by-step

To start, grasp the hair at the spot where the braid should begin. Take a section of it and divide it into two. Then, use your finger to pick up a small section of hair from the area right next to the hair you divided into two. Cross that small section over the portion of hair that is nearest to it and add it to the portion that is farthest from it. Take that farthest section and cross it over the section that is next to it. Repeat this process using opposite sides, moving down the hair until your fish tail braid is complete.

Many people find fish tail braiding challenging to master, but that does not have to stop you from wearing this type of braid. If you find that this braiding technique difficult, or you if you prefer that a professional get the job done, then consider heading to a hair salon like Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida.