Hair & Hairstyle Trends for 2014.

Hair & Hairstyle Trends for 2014Trendsetters in 2014 are already promising fresh styles and updated looks for those who want to keep up with the latest fashions. Whether you have short or long, curly or super straight hair, here are the top trends for you this year.

The loose, one-side bun

This is a convenient and easy style that you can do if you have medium to long hair. Comb hair to one side so that you have hair draping the side of your face. Loosely turn the bottom into a bun on one side of the head so that it stays just on top of your left or right shoulder.

Ribbons and braids

Comb hair to one side and use a small amount of pomade to smooth the hair. Tie a ribbon the length of your hair around your nape to serve as a headband. Start braiding your hair, working the ends of the ribbon into the braid.

One-sided Braided crown

Comb hair to one side. Grab a one inch section of hair that falls down the side of the face and start braiding this section until you reach the ears. Tie the end into a ponytail with the rest of the hair and drape the ends on the opposite shoulder.

Enhanced Curls

For those with natural curls, you can wash your hair and let it air dry. Use a small amount of pomade and apply onto 2 inch sections of hair. Twirl and curl each section to accentuate the curls, starting from the base to the ends. Let the style set overnight and in the morning rake your fingers through the hair for bouncy curls.

Shoelace Locks

For those with straight hair, comb and blow dry to smooth, and then grab a small strand from each side, with just enough thickness that you can tie like shoelaces at the back of the hair.

Full Braided Crown

Divide the hair into four, and braid the front parts. Twist the other two portions around the back of the head and twist the braids around these. Pin into place.

Sock ponytail

Use a smoothing product to eliminate frizz before pulling hair into a high ponytail. Pull hair through a sock and cover with hair for a natural look.

Loose, beachy waves in ponytails

Tie the hair into a ponytail but scrunch up the ends using a styling product and twisting the ends to give it more waves. Use a setting spray to maintain the waves.

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