Hairstyle for Short and Curly Hair.

Short Curly HairMost people with short curly hair think they are limited to one or two hairstyles because of the texture and the length of their locks. However, short and curly hair can be very stylish as long as you know the basic techniques to get the right look. Here’s how to sport a fresh and elegant style with short and curly hair without going to the hair salon.

A Quick and Elegant Hairstyle

Start with tousled curly hair that you combed down to fall to the sides. Grab about two inches thick of hair from the top and with a brush, start brushing downwards from the middle of the hair down to the base to tease this section and add volume. Do this with the front and sides of the hair and lightly spray to keep the height in place. To create more shape and volume along the sides, loosely turn each section from the base towards the middle of the hair and tuck the middle portion using a hairpin to keep it in place. You should get a slight puff around along the crown of the head, with the ends of the hair tucked back. Use a comb to smooth the hair around the face, combing from front to back without disturbing the volume that you created. If you have shorter hair over the forehead, give this portion more definition using a curling iron and tousle as you set it back on the head, running your fingers through lightly for more volume. Use a medium-hold spray to set the style.

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