Trendy Haircut Ideas for a Trip to the Salon

Common Haircuts to Choose When Going to a SalonThere are new 2013 haircut styles worth checking out before heading off to the salon. These now common haircuts can be seen gracing the heads of many popular stars. Clients do not have to wait for their stylists to make recommendations before knowing which style works best for them. They can arrive at their favorite salon in Dunedin, Florida ready to get their new trendy haircut. Read on to find out what these popular haircuts are all about.

Common Haircuts for Men

The retro look is in style for men in 2013. Trends that were once all the rage in the 50’s and 60’s are now very popular again. The most trendy haircut for men is the one that has been inspired by the original rock and roll greats. So much for the buzz cut. Now it is more stylish to mirror Elvis. This means keeping some length to the hair and showing off natural curls. Those who already have long tresses or curly hair have the upper hand in style this year.

Popular Haircuts for Women

While men’s hair is getting longer, the 2013 haircuts for women focus on having shorter lengths. The crop is one of these popular styles. It features hair closely shorn to the sides of the head and generous volume at the top. In order to maintain a more feminine look the sideburns and hair at the nape is tapered. The Anne Hathaway style calls for long bangs swept to the side and heavily layered short hair at the back. One of the styles that has managed to remain popular for quite a while is the A-line bob. This comes with a deep side part that grants and asymmetrical flare.

The common haircuts of 2013 leave a lot of room for creativity and personalization, which is important for those who enjoy having a style that is all their own. Professional stylists are skilled in crafting a trendy haircut to match an individual’s personality. For assistance in mastering a new look for 2013 contact Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida.