Best Hair Highlights for 2013.

Great Hair Highlight Ideas for 2013

Best Hair Highlights for 2013It seems that they have gotten it just right with trending hair highlights for 2013. More focus is being placed on the natural look and this is making popular stars like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez enjoy being the shining examples for hair highlights in 2013 for those who care their hair color. In fact, there are some excellent hair highlight ideas this year for people of every hair color type. So, not matter what hair color you have claimed as your own in 2013, there is a hot new trend to discover. Read on to find out about the trending hair highlights.

Staying Within the Same Color

In times past, hair highlights were most popularly colors that contrasted the hair color. Those with brown hair would wear bright blonde streaks and blondes would go for brown or black, but this is not the style in 2013. Sticking to lighter shades of the original hair color make the look a more natural one. Those with a hair color that is light, like blondes, can opt to go a few shades darker, doing lowlights. The only exception is for those with black hair, who can use dark brown for a highlight, and those with dark blonde hair, who can use auburn.

The Location of Hair Highlights

Many are placing highlights only through the hair at the lower half of the head. Before, highlights were placed all throughout the hair, but focusing only on this area helps show off the facial features a bit more. This is a trend that Jennifer Lopez can be seen following. Her lovely brown hair has beautiful streaks of highlights in caramel.

Using a Different Color

While most 2013 highlight trends dictate staying within the range of lighter and darker shades of the hair color, there are some exceptions. It is very stylish now for those with red hair to use orange highlights, which serves to enhance their hair color efficiently. Many with deep blonde are using auburn, while those who have black hair are heading for the brown.

The best hair highlights are the ones done by a professional. Do-it-yourself highlight kits simply do not bring the same results. To get expert highlights and flaunt the latest trends, contact Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida.