21 Hairstyles To Try This Month

Now is the perfect time of the year to get that new haircut. Whether long or short, wavy or straight, there is always something that will add to your style. A perfectly cut hairstyle that suits your face will not only improve your looks, it also enhances your outfit and create a distinctive personality for you. Spring is finally here and bringing you a fresh burst of 21 off-the-runway hairstyles.

Let It Loose, Let It Go

Unfasten those migraine-inducing hair bands and let your hair loose. Plunge into the exoticism and visit a great Dunedin, Florida hair salon to give you these spring fashion looks. Choose a pixie-cut bedhead ruffled look, squeeze in some gel, and create an alluring yet feisty morning look.

Let go of those pesky bangs. Pin it or tie it back and let everything else loose. No hassles to the front yet alluring on the sides and back. Be glamour retro-active. Iron your hair flat and tuck the sides on your ear or simply, chalk it and be done with. For those luscious waves, a few tricks with a curling iron will surely deliver a happy glow without the need for a new hair cut.

Putting Zest on a Classic Braid

Nothing beats a perfect Balmain braid. Simply spray your braided hair to keep it in place. Of course, pigtails and bun braids are great options, too. Truly, this creates a youthful and vibrant sensation especially for teens and young-at-heart. For formal and semi-formal occasions, you simply cannot go wrong with French braids. You may stand out in your quirkiness and wrap up your crowning glory to create a laurel with braided bangs. Or simply be carefree with playful fishtails.

To add zest to your classic braid, whisk in a few hair extensions or get into the groove for highlights or new hair color. Total Image Hair Designs, for instance, can weave in colored hair extensions of your choice to your perfectly braided hair.

Tie It Up

Pony tails are great options, too. Not only are these hair style easy to recreate, these can also free your face from looking cluttered. A simple or deep side-part a new haircut, then tie it with a favorite bow, preferably with a hue that compliments your outfit. A messy chignon or a wraparound, a slow-slung or a high-top ponytail can be great for both formal and informal events.

The Ultimate Up-Do

Recreate a rumpled yet controlled look by throwing all your crowning glory upwards. Simply spray and you’re now good to strut your stuff. You may also do the twist or a more elaborate beehive hairstyle. A perfect bun or a lacquered Sumo look are great options for busybodies who want to look fab no matter what time of day. Compliment an up-do with a flower or a studded hair pin to complete a truly appealing look or, for those bad hair days, adding a head wrap to a crazy up-do will do.

There is always a hair cut or a hair color that fits each and every person. Hair salons such as Total Image Hair Designs in Dunedin, Florida have hairstyle experts on standby to guarantee that you get both the look you want and the look that suits you best. Feel free to schedule an appointment or simply breeze in to their accommodating hair salon to give your crowning glory a pampering.